Week 9 Summary

November 21st, 2009 - 

I started week 9 reasonably well (adding more Haraway related videos from Youtube) but found myself petering out again as I struggled to come to terms with the Cyborg Manifesto. Perhaps, feeling like I was lost in words, I found myself turning back to the visual and rummaging around in visual representations of the cyborg. As a seasoned – and recovering-  Star Trek fan (one who remembers the bad old days before J.J. Abrams) I naturally found myself thinking of the Borg, Seven of Nine and the myriad other cybernetic fantasies which the Hollywood types churn out for us and found myself asking if these depictions told us anything.

Were they reflective (in any way – even in opposition) of Haraway’s work?  My short answer was no, but with further thought it did seem to me that depictions of cyborgs were quite frequently highly sexualised – to the point where I was struck by how at variance they were to Harway’s agenda.

Sci-fi aside, the most compelling depiction of a female cyborg I found was this:

YouTube Preview Image

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