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While my activity during this week focused on familiar media and themes, I found myself wondering “Where is it all going?”

Web 3.0 (or the Semantic Web) is almost here, HTML 5.0 and CSS3 are just around the corner and promise to change the way we see the Web and conduct our business online, VLEs are dead (for some) or rising from the grave (for others), Twitter and Facebook have seen phenomenal growth lately and social media have taken over the business world, the average American teen sends 2,272 text messages per month, Finland made 1-Mbit broadband access a legal right, the Turkish government plans to give an e-mail address to each of its 70 million citizens, new web tools for educators are being created everyday, time-tested educational ontologies are haunted by the ghosts of disembodied students and educators, old metaphors (the cyborg) are beginning to show their age, traditional literacies are proving inadequate and pedagogical models are in urgent need of an upgrade. The future looks intriguing, beautiful, dangerous, full of promise, full of threat. But more importantly, it looks full of challenge for students and teachers alike.

So, where is it all going? I don’t know. But I hope that getting there will be fascinating!

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  1. “So, where is it all going?”

    Good question! I sometimes feel that the more involved that I get in e-learning and technology, the faster it seems to pull away from me! Last module it was all Web 2.0 – and now we are already thinking about web 3.0. By the time I get over Xmas we will probably be discussing Web 4.0!

  2. Or is it, perhaps, that we’ve just placed too much importance on social media and blown their value out of proportion? Take the almighty Twitter for example; this article is revealing:
    “Twitter Doesn’t Track The Zeitgeist. Only 2 Percent Of Tweets Overlap With Search Trends”