welcome to week 8 (and our final block)

Welcome to week 8, and to block 3 of the course!

Firstly, you have obviously been working extremely hard on your micro-ethnographies over the past few weeks, and these are varied, exciting and rich – well done! As with the visual artefacts, let’s take a few more days to comment on these at the same time as we get started with week 8’s readings and activities.

Secondly, this week’s readings are to be found at http://digitalculture-ed.net/?page_id=260 . The core readings by Donna Haraway and N Katherine Hayles are both pretty full on, so do make sure to give yourself space and time to engage with these. We’ve posted up some discusson questions you may want to consider as you think and blog about these pieces. We’ve also got a Wallwisher activity set up for the next two weeks – please contribute to our collaborative Wallwisher story of being posthuman, drawing on the core (and secondary) readings and attempting to answer for yourself “in what ways am I posthuman”?

Thirdly, as we enter this final block, you should start (or continue) to think about a topic and format for your final assignment for the course. If you want to you can blog about this, and/or use the ‘assignment discussion’ area in the discussion board to share ideas. Either way, before you start work on it, be sure to email your tutor to agree your topic and medium.

Finally, a warm welcome to the friends and colleagues who are joining us over the next few weeks – we are really happy to have you. Please feel free to comment on blogs on this site, to use our twitter hashtag #ededc for discussion and to alert us to blog posts you write , and to participate in the wallwisher activity.

Have a great week, everyone!

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