the final assignments in one place

here are links to the final assignments from course participants who agreed to have them listed here:

Bill Babouris
Translation and translator training in the digital era  (not online – being submitted for publication)

Damien DeBarra
The Rabbit Hole

Tracy Dumais
Authority in a posthuman context

Mas Dzainudin
Course Tutorial – #mscdystopia via Twitter

Silvana di Gregorio
What Online Educators can learn from successful virtual communities

Henry Keil
Global Cognisphere, Cyborg Pedagogy and Connectivism

Tony McNeill
Twitter, E-learning and Digital Cultures (PDF)

Eneas McNulty
The Evolution of Cyborg

Andy Murray
Digital Culture – Web Essay

Nicola Osborne
Under the Influence: Mechanical Interventions in Online Social Spaces and Their Cultural Implications

Sarah Payne

Sibylle Ratz
Online Language Courses and the Digital Age

Caroline Rushton

John Supple

Sarah Treloar

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