Two ideas for weeks 8 & 9

We have two possibly wild ideas for weeks 8 & 9 to run past you for your views.

1. What about using our blogs rather than the discussion board during these weeks? The blogs have worked so well through the semester, and our culture of commenting is so vibrant, that we wondered if it would be possible to use the blogs as a way of reflecting on and discussing the readings together. We could all use Twitter to post up links to entries we’d like to share with each other, and Sian and I could post a ‘blog highlights’ post every few days through the fortnight to help draw things together.

2. Bring a friend/colleague to class? If you know someone who would find the topics for weeks 8 & 9 relevant or intriguing, would it be interesting to invite them to do the readings, participate in the wallwisher posthuman task, and comment on the blogs and in Twitter with us? I don’t think we would want to create new blogs for them on the EDC site, but they could blog in their own blog spaces and tweet the links for us, or they could send you their thoughts and you could blog on their behalf!

Could you comment below (or email us directly) with your thoughts about these ideas?

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10 Responses to “Two ideas for weeks 8 & 9”

  1. silvanad says:

    Hi Sian and Jen,

    I like both ideas. I like the use of Twitter so we can signal to each other that we have developed our ideas on the blog. I think Twitter works well with a blog – it alerts others to our blogs and comments can be on the blog.

    Bringing a friend to class is an interesting idea. I have a couple of people in mind but it depends on how busy they are during the week in question.

  2. tracy says:

    I love both ideas and yes to using twitter to alert course mates to points of interest, but not for discussion cos that just drives me batty, lol. Now, I need to make a friend, and FAST! lol

  3. tracy says:

    Love the bunnies by the way.

  4. Sarah Payne says:

    I think this is a great idea. Getting an outsiders view of what we are doing is always interesting.

  5. I think that’s a super set of ideas! :D

    I have several friends who could be interested in dipping in I think. I’ll also see if my partner is interested in peeking in properly – might be more fun than just hearing me talk about everything second hand ;)

    BTW would this be bring a friend or friends (plural) you mean here. Either sounds good but probably something to decide before any of us email/tweet/ask our pals.

    Oh and I love the picture too! :D

  6. alip says:

    Great idea!! I’ve found a friend who wants to play.

    Her name is Vivienne Neale – she’s a writer and poet and has a brain the size of jupiter combined with the capacity of NASA. She’s very much interested in online learning and cyberculture and has been my co-collabotator on many things. Her twitter ID is supposeiam.

    Will we be using a particular hashtag for this activity, or will we be using #ededc? I think she’ll be blogging as guest blogger through my wordpress one.

  7. Henry says:

    I guess with our emphasis on Twitter and WordPress blogging/ lifestreaming right from the start we never managed to get enough momentum behind the WebCt discussion board. I for one struggles to work on so many platforms.
    If everybody is happy with the public WordPress environment I guess it would just be natural to carry on as we did – a DB would be rather ‘retro’.
    As to inviting others this could already have been done as all is public; anyone could comment on or link to our blogs – in the proper spirit of a social networking site. It would just formalise what may currently be informal.
    However topics for week8/9 are so specialist that I would struggle finding anybody who would more than just lurk.

  8. Sian says:

    It sounds like there’s general support for these ideas – great! I think we should just keep using the #ededc hash tag. I don’t feel strongly about the friend or friends question – I think a couple of people would be fine, if they are really keen. As Henry says, it’s all open anyway – this is just formalising things a bit and welcoming some new people to the fold!

  9. Sounds super ;) I’ll alert the potentially interested couple of folk and see who wants to join in the fun!

  10. jen says:

    just realised I hadn’t put a proper link to the image source for this post – it’s linked now – it’s from the black & wtf photoblog, which is really brilliant.