welcome to our final week of semester

Well, this is it – our final week. It’s been a wonderful, colourful journey for Si├ón and for me, and we hope it’s been rewarding and interesting for you as well.

A few reminders and some information in relation to your lifestream submission and final assignment.

  1. The lifestream is due on Sunday 13 December, and the submission information you need is on this page – http://digitalculture-ed.net/?page_id=606 . You can skip your weekly summary for week 12 and focus on your 500 word lifestream summary this week.
  2. Your final assignment is due on Sunday 3 January 2010. We’ve now spoken to almost everyone about their topics and formats. If you have yet to liaise with your tutor about this, please do so by this Friday – 11 December – at the latest. A reminder that you are aiming for a word count of approximately 2000. Also, remember that you can nominate up to three of your own assessment criteria in addition to the core criteria which will apply to all assignments. See the course guide for more information about this.

Good luck to all of you on your assignments – we’re looking forward to seeing them. And thanks again for being part of the course this semester – it’s been a real pleasure working with you.

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