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welcome to our final week of semester

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Well, this is it – our final week. It’s been a wonderful, colourful journey for Siân and for me, and we hope it’s been rewarding and interesting for you as well.

A few reminders and some information in relation to your lifestream submission and final assignment.

  1. The lifestream is due on Sunday 13 December, and the submission information you need is on this page – . You can skip your weekly summary for week 12 and focus on your 500 word lifestream summary this week.
  2. Your final assignment is due on Sunday 3 January 2010. We’ve now spoken to almost everyone about their topics and formats. If you have yet to liaise with your tutor about this, please do so by this Friday – 11 December – at the latest. A reminder that you are aiming for a word count of approximately 2000. Also, remember that you can nominate up to three of your own assessment criteria in addition to the core criteria which will apply to all assignments. See the course guide for more information about this.

Good luck to all of you on your assignments – we’re looking forward to seeing them. And thanks again for being part of the course this semester – it’s been a real pleasure working with you.

our penultimate week

Monday, November 30th, 2009

As you know, there are no group activities for the next couple of weeks, to give everyone a chance to really focus on the assignment. Jen has posted our skype ‘open office’ times below, so please drop by and chat about your assignment then, if it’d be helpful to you. Or use email or the discussion board – whichever works best for you.

The main thing is that you do at least have a discussion with your tutor about your topic and the form of your assignment, before you get too far down the road of writing/making it. Jen and I will be online for this until the end of next week, and the submission date is 3 January, midnight.

The last few weeks have gone so quickly and have been such fun – personally I am going to really miss EDC once it’s over : )

Look forward to talking more about your ideas over the coming week…

assignment discussion office hours

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

If you’d like to chat with your tutor about your final assignment topic or format, Siân and Jen will be available for Skype text chats at the following (UK time zone) times next week:

Siân (sianbayne1)

Monday 30 November, 3-4pm

Friday 4 December, 9-10am

Jen (jross28)

Tuesday 1 December – 2-3pm

Thursday 3 December – 10-11am

more on the final assignment topic

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

We wanted to clarify what’s expected in terms of the topic for the final assignment, as the course guide is perhaps a little ambiguous on this. The expectation is that you should write ‘on an aspect of the course content defined by yourself’ – this can be any aspect of the course content. While the content of the third block, on critical perspectives, is likely to feed into your final topic in some form (as stated in the course guide), it doesn’t have to form the focus of it.

So, while you can’t replicate work from the visual artefact and the ethnography in the final assignment, you can go back to some of the ideas generated during those activities for this final piece work, if you want to. Or you can return to the themes we looked at during the film festival.

Please drop Jen or I an email if it would help to exchange ideas one-to-one – and to discuss with the whole group, there is a dedicated topic area in the discussion board.

I hope this helps – when you’ve pretty much decided on a topic area and a medium for the assignment, please just run it past your tutor, and contact us at any point for help with any of this.

week 10 – can you believe it?

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

southerngothic_taylorHello all, and welcome to week 10! Siân and I were saying this morning that we can’t believe how the semester has flown by. Your blog posts, comments and tweets over the past couple of weeks have been extremely thoughtful, interesting and creative.

This week:

This week is our final week of structured content for the course, and we’ll mark it by returning explicitly to the realm of e-learning to look at some of the themes of this block as they relate specifically to teaching and learning online. The core readings were written more than a decade apart, and are relevant not only for their engagement with the themes of uncanniness and cyborg pedagogy, but in how they may fit into Hand’s narratives of promise and threat, and in the stories they tell about their cybercultures, a way of thinking Bell advocated in week 1.

We can discuss these and other issues and questions in the blogs this week, and also, for those who are able to attend the Skype session on Wednesday at 8pm (GMT), in synchronous text chat. We will put the transcript of the chat up on the discussion board as we did last time.


Your lifestream will be due for submission by midnight on Sunday 13 December. We will create a page on the site this week to give explicit instructions about how to submit it, and there is more information in the course handbook about the assessment criteria.

If you haven’t decided, in consultation with your tutor, on your final course assignment topic and format, you will want to start thinking about that in earnest over the next few weeks. As previously noted, you must email your tutor before you start to work on your assignment, to agree your topic and format.

Have a great week, everyone.