guidance for visual artefact task – week 4

Some of you have been asking about the visual artefact task for next week, and so here is some guidance to help you:

How big/long/much should it be?
This is a low stakes activity in terms of assessment – while it should appear in your lifestream, there are no marks for this, just peer feedback and interesting discussion. So, no hard limit to the size or scope, but try to keep it manageable so that you continue to have time to read, update your lifestream and summaries, and engage with other people’s artefacts.

Can there be text, or just images?
You can include text (or audio), but the main focus of the work should be visual. That could include a still image/images, digital art, or video.

There are some suggestions and more guidance at , and in the course guide on page 21/22.

Good luck and have fun! Email your tutor if you want to discuss more, or post a comment below.

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