more on the final assignment topic

We wanted to clarify what’s expected in terms of the topic for the final assignment, as the course guide is perhaps a little ambiguous on this. The expectation is that you should write ‘on an aspect of the course content defined by yourself’ – this can be any aspect of the course content. While the content of the third block, on critical perspectives, is likely to feed into your final topic in some form (as stated in the course guide), it doesn’t have to form the focus of it.

So, while you can’t replicate work from the visual artefact and the ethnography in the final assignment, you can go back to some of the ideas generated during those activities for this final piece work, if you want to. Or you can return to the themes we looked at during the film festival.

Please drop Jen or I an email if it would help to exchange ideas one-to-one – and to discuss with the whole group, there is a dedicated topic area in the discussion board.

I hope this helps – when you’ve pretty much decided on a topic area and a medium for the assignment, please just run it past your tutor, and contact us at any point for help with any of this.

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