Semester starts today

It’s our official start day today – welcome all to the new academic year.

There’s been a lot of activity here already, with most people having set up their blogs and lifestreams, and a good bit of Twitter action going on already. If you haven’t got the lifestream set up yet, or are struggling with anything on the tech side, please don’t struggle alone – contact Jen and I and we will help sort it.

The tutorial sessions in Twitter start tomorrow, when we’ll be tweeting on Popular Cybercultures by bringing together the film festival with the core readings – first off is #mscdystopia which runs til Sunday. It’s likely to be a gentle start as people take time to work through the readings and the films….

Remember also that the discussion board is there if there is private stuff you want to bring up with the rest of the group, for social chat in a private space or for tech queries and activity follow-ups.

Best of luck with all that comes your way this semester, looking forward to your tweets : )

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