building your ethnography

How might you represent your work? The key criteria are that your micro-ethnography should be online somewhere, and should feed into your lifestream. You might choose to:

  • simply blog it using your blog here or another blogging environment of choice
  • make a slideshow, using whichever combination of image, text, audio or video seems most appropriate to you (see and the Course Guide for ideas for online applications to use)
  • make a timeline, using OurStory, timetoast or similar (again, see the StoryTools link for some ideas to start with)
  • blog around your lifestream, pulling in feeds and images from the site you are looking at
  • and so on…

Unlike with the visual artefact at the end of block 1 you are likely to need to include at least some textual material for this piece of work.

Please post a comment here to let everyone know where your ethnographic representation is – tweet it too!

21 Responses to “building your ethnography”

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  2. alip says:

    It’s going to live here:

    But as I’ve only just started don’t hurry to have a look…..

  3. tracy says:

    I am going to keep it simple for this one I think. I am making a timeline on timetoast of the RP itself so I can capture frequency and distribution of posting etc, but my ‘field notes’ will simply be blog posts here on my EDEDC blog. I thought about adding them to the timeline but it doesn’t really lend itself to bodies of text. I will attempt to make it clear by tagging and naming my posts which ones are related to my ethnography. I would love to have a function like the presentation on our IDEL Elgg blog. I don’t suppose there is a WP plug in for this function is there?

  4. Caroline Rushton says:

    At the moment it is also my intention to document all the goings on of my chosen online community using timetoast. I will then go into further details in my blog postings, in a similar manner to Tracy I will tag them “mini ethnography project” ad then identify what timeline entry it refers to. As I siad this is my intention so far!!! Cheers.

  5. tracy says:

    I think it just might thank you for finding it! Timetoast was a washout because it just can’t handle the amount of text I wanted to put into it. So I am looking for alternatives. I am at a bit of a loss with this one, both content and presentation method, so it would help to have the plug-in installed. Is that possible?

  6. admin says:

    Installed! If you scroll down to the bottom of a ‘new post’ window you now get the option to add it to a series (this should work for everyone) – let me know if it works out!

  7. tracy says:

    Yes, it works and it is perfect – thank you so much! if you create a new page and title it ’series’ all of your series.. es? serieses? lol will show up on that page for easy viewing by your audience. I think I will carve up my weeks / blocks as well as adding a digital ethnography series. Then I can add more recent blog posts to earlier themes if something strikes me (or I get round to writing those weekly summaries I neglected :D ).

  8. jen says:

    oh good! glad it works. Wordpress plugins are generally brilliant. I do like this platform.

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  10. sibyller says:

    I’ve done it! It’s on my blog. Don’t be too harsh about it…

  11. silvanad says:

    Ok – Mine is finished. I constructed it in WordPress but can’t figure out how these pages can get into my lifestream. Here’s the link or just go to my blog and you will see it.

  12. tracy says:

    ok my mine is done… as in I must stop now or I will be doing it for weeks!

    it is a series of blog posts collected here thanks to my handy little widget:

    I have chosen to focus on the RPG forum of The Northlands (my discussion board) and on one RPG in particular entitled ‘The Forest of the Moon’. It has the following parts:

    My virtual ethnography #1: the arrival story
    My virtual ethnography #2: The RPG
    My digital ethnography #3: the rules of the game
    My digital ethnography #4: Getting in character
    My digital ethnography #5: Speaking the lingo
    My digital ethnography #6: Taking off the mask

    hope it makes sense :D

    All material taken from the RPG and the supporting threads is the property of the players, and has been used with their permission.

  13. tracy says:

    sorry edit – better use this link

    then everyone can see the introduction :)

  14. Sarah Payne says:

    Mine is finised too – and I think I may just enjoy a glass of something alcoholic to celebrate!

    It can be found at

    I look foward to seeing all the rest.

  15. caroliner says:

    Here is the link to mine, titled “Bankeyfields” The first post is at the bottom of the page so work your way from the bottom up!! Thanks.

  16. arthurh says:

    Mine’s on my blog under Ethnographic Research Online

  17. johns says:

    Mine lives on my blog too: