before semester starts…

A few things to do before semester starts.

1. Please make sure you have read your Course Guide and that you have a clear sense of the shape and structure of the course. You will have received a print copy of the the Course Guide in the post – please talk to your course tutor if you’ve any queries or concerns. Please also drop your tutor an email to let her know you’ve ‘arrived’.

2. You’ll need to get familiar with this course site, and your wordpress lifestream. You may also need to familiarise yourself with the discussion board, as it’s the first time some will have used phpBB on this programme. The first time you access the discussion board, please do so through WebCT (this creates your account). After that you can use the link in the sidebar to the right of this page.

3. Please set up a profile of yourself in your wordpress blog, to make it easy for everyone to get a sense of who we are. There are about 20 students studying ‘Digital cultures’ this semester.

4. Go to the ‘Digital cultures’ wall in Wallwisher and post up a note on the idea of what ‘digital culture’ means to you. Your posting can be any format – text, image, audio, video. Start getting into the habit of feeding this kind of thing into your lifestream – go to ‘Do more’ in the Wallwisher menu to get the RSS feed for the wall, and add it to your lifestream feed. The Course Guide explains how.

5. We’re using Twitter in the early weeks of the course, so if you’re not tweeting already, please get yourself set up with a Twitter account and a sense of how it works. There are full instructions on this in the Course Guide and in the programme Technologies Handbook, which you’ll have received in the post.

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