Beyond Twitter: welcome to week 3

The last couple of weeks have been enjoyably frenetic – the Twitter exchanges have been rich, chaotic, frustrating and fun in perhaps equal measure. I hope we can continue to de-brief and exchange thoughts on this in the discussion board, and the blogs. Jen has seeded a post on this in the DB this morning.

But now we also look beyond the film festival to week 3, and a shift in focus from popular cyberculture to one possible dimension of its emergence in education – engagement with the multimodal, with the visual and new associated literacies. The readings for the next couple of weeks aim to explore some of these themes. The course in general is in fact taking a bit of a ‘visual turn’ over the next couple of weeks, as we reflect on the theory and also put into practice ways of exploring ideas visually, through construction of the visual artefact for the end of next week.

Discussion this week is going to be via Skype text chat – I have a hunch this may seem scholarly and stately after Twitter : ) Almost everyone’s committed to a time now:

Wednesday 8pm:
Sarah T

Thursday 10am:
Sarah P

We’ll split into two for the wednesday night session. Just log in at the set time and Jen or I will invite you in to the chat. Remember to make us contacts first if you haven’t already – sianbayne1 and jross28. I suggest we focus on the core readings for these chat sessions.

Please continue to tweet course-related material to #ededc – my sense is that this is working really well, and remember you can access the aggregation of blog postings at – the material going up in the blogs is just excellent.

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