new things: adding avatars, tracking comments

I’ve been busy this afternoon adding some new features to the blog, and here they are:

1. You can now upload your own photo to use as an avatar on the site, so that when you post comments on other blog posts (on this site), there will be an image beside your name. Log in to your blog admin control panel, click on ‘users’ then ‘your avatar’ and upload the image you want to use. You will then get the option to crop the image.

YouTube Preview Image

(okay, not this kind of avatar)

2. On the ‘lots and lots of blog posts‘ page, and on this page (below the recent tweets), you will now see the most recent comments on the site. You can subscribe to these in your own RSS reader if you like – the feed address is

3. You can add your own comments from blog posts across the whole site to your lifestream! Unfortunately this will only work for comments from this afternoon, and only for comments you posted when you were logged in. If you want to include comments that don’t fit those criteria in your lifestream, copy and paste them to a new blog post or similar. But from today on, if you’re logged in when you comment, the following setup will work:

- go to your lifestream control panel.

- click ‘generic’ in the ‘add new feed’ section.

- add the following feed address:

- replace USERID above with your own blog user ID number (see list in comment below)

- name the feed something like ‘my EDC comments’ or similar.

- click ‘add feed’.

That should do it!

3 Responses to “new things: adding avatars, tracking comments”

  1. jen says:

    Here are the blog IDs for your comment feed:

    Bill – 7
    Damien – 8
    Silvana – 9
    Masniza – 10
    Lesley – 11
    Arthur – 13
    Costas – 14
    Henry – 15
    Tony – 17
    Eneas – 18
    Andy – 19
    Nicola – 20
    Sarah P – 21
    Ali – 22
    Sibylle – 23
    Caroline – 24
    John – 25
    Tracy – 26
    Sarah T – 27

  2. lesleyf says:

    Jen can you help? I have tried to add edc comment feed several times to my lifestream but having no luck as I keep getting an error message when I redresh the feed. Have followed Sian s instructions and adding my user ID. is there something I’m missing or not doing?
    thanks Lesley

  3. jen says:

    hi Lesley – your author ID is 11, so if you add this:

    to your lifestream as a generic feed, you should see your comments across the whole site since 5 October. The feed seems to work for me (though it only shows me your comment above from yesterday). Let me know!