bring a friend to class

Here are the friends/colleagues who will be joining in with our discussion in weeks 8 & 9, along with where you can find their thoughts and musings on the readings and the discussion:

Judy Davidson (invited by Silvana). Judy is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  She is an anthropologist and co-author of a book with Silvana, Qualitative Research Design for Software Users (2008), Open University Press. Silvana says, “She has been learning about this course second-hand from me and is keen to join.”

Ken Johnson (invited by John). Ken is a colleague of John’s and will be posting in his own blog – keep an eye out for his tweets!

Vivienne Neale (invited by Ali). Ali says: “she’s a writer and poet and has a brain the size of jupiter combined with the capacity of NASA. She’s very much interested in online learning and cyberculture and has been my co-collabotator on many things.” Vivienne will be be blogging as guest blogger through Ali’s course blog.

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5 Responses to “bring a friend to class”

  1. John says:

    My colleague Ken Johnson has said that he’d like to participate also- I’ll get him to set up a blog page for this on his own blog, and upload the link. he’ll also use Twitter I imagine

  2. silvanad says:

    My friend and colleague Judy Davidson says she would like to participate. She will be guest blogging on my blog.

  3. Judy Davidson says:

    Dear group: I am honored to be asked to join your conversation. I have been learning about your course through Silvana and am really exciting about what you are doing. More soon. Judy

  4. jen says:

    We’re delighted to have you, Judy! Welcome aboard.

  5. sian says:

    Hi Judy, Ken and Vivenne – I hope you’re sticking around for week 9! Maybe you could post links here (and in Twitter) so we can make sure we’re following your thoughts?