all the ethnographies

In alphabetical order:

Bill Babouris
Lost in translation
Please see the course discussion forum for Bill’s ethnography – it’s a private one.

Damien DeBarra
Blather, rinse, repeat: an ethnography of conspiracy theory

Tracy Dumais
Tracy’s digital ethnography

Mas Dzainudin

Lesley Ferguson
All About Coffee

Silvana di Gregorio
Davidsfarm ethnographic sketchbook

Arthur Hall
Flickr and William Butler Yeats

Henry Keil
An Ethnographic Study on two Ning Communities

Tony McNeill
Three metaphors and a community

Eneas McNulty
Micro-Ethnography Study of the Virtual Dublin Community in Second Life

Andy Murray
Steelmen Online

Nicola Osborne

Sarah Payne
Quilting as a Virtual Community

Ali Press
the 501st Legion Flickr Group

Sibylle Ratz
Your sleeping cat: a virtual ethnography

Caroline Rushton
Bankeyfields (read from bottom up)

John Supple
The Session: a micro-ethnography

Sarah Treloar
Top 20 Japan flickr group

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