visual artefacts

This block of study ends with each of us (that includes tutors!) creating a visual representation of a theme or themes covered during this first part of the course. The idea here is that we try to put into practice some of the thinking on visuality, literacy and visual paradigms for representing knowledge by actually creating something.

Whatever you produce over this week should feed into your lifestream in some way – it should also, preferably, be open to commentary by others on the course by being placed in some kind of social media environment. This might be Flickr, your blog, Twitpic, Slideshare, YouTube, or whatever you prefer. Post a comment to this page to let people know where to find your stuff, and also feed it into your lifestream.

To get you going, here are just a few examples of themes you might try to represent – these are just examples, you will want to focus in on something which has engaged you personally over the last few weeks:

utopian and dystopian oppositions
cyberpunk classrooms
distance and presence
writing without words
historical hardware
….and so on…..

In terms of medium, choose whichever best suits you. For example you might:

  • create a composite digital image in Photoshop and mount it in Flickr for commentary and lifestreaming
  • make a Flickr photostream of found images with comments and description
  • make a YouTube video or response video
  • curate a web gallery using Flickr or Creative Spaces
  • create a slide show on Slideshare

Try to have fun with this and use it as a chance to think broadly and be experimental – it’s a low stakes activity in terms of assessment – while it should appear in your lifestream, there are no marks for this, just peer feedback and interesting discussion : )

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  3. silvanad says:

    Dystopic Day
    It’s up on YouTube but I put it on my blog

  4. I can’ t embed the Google Map I’ve made on to my blog on here, so I’ve placed it on my own blog:

  5. arthurh says:

    Here’s my link – it’s on my blog too:

  6. Mas says:

    I finally finished the artefact – distance and presence!!!

    Here is my link –

  7. johns says:

    Bit later than I would have hoped but here we go:

  8. Hello,
    I’m really sorry this is late, but here is the link to my digital artefact : ‘Id you can read these, you can read this’
    Thank you,