film festival

The format for our interactions over the coming two weeks is a series of Twitter tutorials around a film festival, pieced together from interesting short films and classic clips on YouTube and elsewhere. All these engage in some way with themes emerging from the readings, and your brief is to tease these out in discussion, extend the thinking and get familiar with some of the theory. So please do the readings first, or at least alongside, viewing the movies and tweeting about them.

How does it work? We’ve sourced a collection of films which we’ve loosely clustered around the themes of ‘dystopia’, ‘worlds’ and ‘being human’. There will be three tutorials, each taking place over several days, and each of which will focus on one of these themes. Watch the films over this period and tweet about them as you go. Each tutorial will use a different hashtag – when you tweet on the movies, remember to include the relevant hashtag. Use tweetdeck or something similar to set up a search on each hashtag – the Course Guide and Technologies Handbook has more on this.

And remember to feed your tweets into your lifestream, or they won’t count towards the final assessment.

For each tutorial, you’ll be able to recommend your own movies too, though please try and keep to the ones we’ve selected for at least day one so as to give the tweeting sufficient shared ground. Nominate your own using the comments at the bottom of this page.

Here’s our timetable of movies and tutorials. Any queries, post to the discussion board or ask your tutor.

week 1

twittorial dates:

wednesday 23 september 2009


sunday 27 september 2009

film cluster 1 (dystopia)

hashtag: #mscdystopia

Bendito machine (Episode 3 – Obey His Commands) – 6:46

Stop Dave, I’m afraid (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) – 3:12

Internet is for porn (World of Warcraft machinima) – 3:09

The computer virus (Futureshorts) – 12:46

plus student nominated (please save them until friday at the earliest)

week 2, part 1

twittorial dates:

monday 28 september 2009


wednesday 30 september 2009

film cluster 2 (worlds)

hashtag: #mscworlds

World builder – 9:15

Red or blue pill? You decide. (from The Matrix) – 7:40

Elephants dream – 10:53

nominate your own films in this theme from tuesday

week 2, part 2

twittorial dates:

thursday 1 october 2009


sunday 4 october 2009

film cluster 3 (being human)

hashtag: #mschuman

Tears in rain (from Bladerunner) – 6:17

Social network for two – approx 2 mins

Take off v1.1 – 8:28

Abandoned in the woods (from AI) – 10:55

nominate your own from friday

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  3. Henry says:

    Nominate ‘Shelf Life’ (part 1) – cite: ‘you are what you remember’, the futurology of neuroscience and cognition.
    Clip has apparently been built using the HalfLife game engine, hence the name.

  4. Henry says:

    What about this nomination – ‘Macchu Picchu Post’:
    A ight-hearted Voodoo analogy. Nice story line with ample of coloration and humour.

  5. Henry says:

    Sorry here is the link for the first movie – Shelf Life:

  6. arthurh says:

    ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ (1951) trailer is my nomination: