Exploring the visual – welcome to week 4

Hi everyone, and welcome to week 4! This week our main activity will be creating and discussing visual artefacts which help draw out themes, issues or ideas from across Block 1 of the course.

Remember that you want your artefact to appear in your lifestream, and for us to have somewhere to discuss it, so if you aren’t using a web-based tool with an RSS feed, you’ll probably want to put your artefact in a blog post. That has the advantage of having an inbuilt place for comments as well.

Make sure you leave yourself time to engage in discussion about your own and other people’s artefacts. In addition to the core readings, some of the secondary readings for weeks 3 and 4 may be helpful as you come to discuss the artefacts – especially Rose and Spalter & van Dam.

Once you’ve put your artefact up, please post a comment here to give us a link to it.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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15 Responses to “Exploring the visual – welcome to week 4”

  1. tracy says:

    My VA – Future Female: fetish or force? – is in my blog, it is actually on You Tube but I thought I would link it through my blog so people have choices about where they would like to comment (I am not sure if you need a YT account to comment there). ^^


    I had ridiculous amonts of fun creating this and may have found myself a new hobby as a consequence. I am excited to hear what you all have to say, and look forward to having the chance to comment on your arty-facts. ;)

  2. Tony McNeill says:

    Really enjoyed the VA – sometimes for the ‘wrong’ reasons (LOL!). Nice sourcing of ‘found images’ from the web. I did wonder though if you were presenting the available options in overly polarised terms: either objectified Bellmer-esque fetishized femme-poupĂ©e or a kick-ass Ripley/tank girl?

  3. Tony McNeill says:

    Not 100% happy with my VAs to date. Here are the 2 most recent which will have to do for now:



  4. tracy says:

    Where would you like comments Tony? On Flickr? I am scared to comment there cos I feel like your comments in thephoto of your family are part of the art, it is like scrawling on a museum wall.

  5. Tony McNeill says:

    Hi Tracy, feel free to comment on the Flickr site itself. I thought it would be interesting to try to exemplify some of Merchant’s points about digital texts becoming de facto collaborations through the act of commenting. Scrall on those museum walls …! Tony

  6. tracy says:

    I will scrawl, but tomorrow as now it is past midnight – and I have a lot of ideas but I would like to spell them right. :D

  7. caroliner says:

    Wow Tracy thats a fantastic and very thought provoking artefact!! Love your comment at the end!

  8. Eneas says:

    Nice work, Tracy…the Japanese android spooks me out…apparently she can even ‘flutter her eyebrows’.

  9. sian says:

    Tony – Tracy – blown away by the artefacts! Proper comments later…

  10. Sarah Payne says:

    I have finished my VA (finally) and have learnt a lot about photoshop in the process :)

    I have posted it on my blog so feel free to comment.


  11. jen says:

    okay – mine’s up at http://digitalculture-ed.net/jenr/2009/10/14/jens-visual-artefact/ (links through to an HTML page).

  12. sibyller says:

    I’ve posted mine on my blog.


    Really enjoying all of yours!

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