Welcome to week 6 (still Block 2)

Hi everyone – welcome to week six. For the next two weeks you should be conducting your micro-ethnography and reporting on it using an online medium of your choice. As with the visual artefacts in block 1, try to leave enough time next week to engage in discussion about your own and others’ work. Please post a comment on the “building your ethnography” page to let us know where to find your work.

There have been lots of good ideas flying around the discussion board. Online communities identified so far include: Meme meisters, Education Ning community, ‘Is Elvis still alive?’, Sage Methodspace, ELGG board, scotedutweets twibe, Steelmen online, 9/11 conspiracy theorists, Body Adornment Community, LGBT Community, Torchwood Twitter Community, 2009 Undergraduates online, Influential Tweeters, Re-dubbings of Downfall, The Death of Irony, Star Trek fan site, Second Life, E-learning and digital cultures community, Sleeping Cats on Flickr, Greek interpreters, Irish musicians online, and quilting community online.

A number of course participants have suggested that they would be willing for someone (or more than one person) from the course to use our EDC community as their ethnographic site. If this is problematic for anyone, please email me or Sian directly, or post something in the discussion board in the next day or two to let us know. Otherwise, if you’re still looking for a community, you might consider looking at our course.

In addition to the suggestions in the course handbook and here, if you have good ideas for presenting the ethnography that you’re willing to pass on, please add them to the discussion board thread that Sibylle started yesterday.

Have a great week!

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(building stonehenge is nothing… try building a virtual ethnography!)

4 Responses to “Welcome to week 6 (still Block 2)”

  1. Sarah Payne says:

    crikey how the time gets away from you – week 6 already?!?

  2. sian says:

    I know! Mid-way through semester and it feels like we just got started…

  3. arthurh says:

    astonishing video…if Wally can reload Stonehenge I guess I can get through week six…

  4. sian says:

    that’s the spirit Arthur!