all the visual artefacts in one place

In alphabetical order:

Name Title Address
Bill Modality Is The Eye Of The Beholder

(please watch in full screen)

Sian Uncanny digital literacies
Damien The Map Is Not The Territory
Silvana Dystopic day
Utopic day
Mas Distance learners
Lesley Untitled
Arthur Cyberpups Story
Henry The various identities of Robots as seen by humans
Tony Visual artefact #1: Attachments
Yet another attempt at a visual artefact
Eneas Two Expressions of Evolution
Andy Commute to Digital Culture
Nicola Dystopia v Utopia
Sarah P Untitled?
Ali Untitled
Sibylle Untitled
Jen lifestream as cabinet of curiosities
Caroline Old and new… Transliteracy

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John Hula Man meets the internet
Tracy Future Female: fetish or force?
Sarah T

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8 Responses to “all the visual artefacts in one place”

  1. caroliner says:

    Caroline, my artefact “ola and new…Transliteacy. (make sure you click show information when you view the slideshow!)

  2. caroliner says:

    That should be “old and new…transliteracies”

  3. Jen,
    I still can’t get my Google Map to embed into my blog – thus no artefact. Can you help out or advise?

  4. arthurh says:

    After a last minute struggle mine’s on my blog or here on you tube. It’s called Cyberpup’s Story:

  5. silvanad says:

    Here is Utopic Days – , the companion piece to Dystopic Days.

  6. Mine is now up on Prezi (and if anyone has any Prezi embedding tips let me know – otherwise I might screencast a copy to embed):