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(week) 7 is a lucky number!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Time passes by and we’re now in the final week of block 2. I get the sense from the discussion board and the blogs that everyone’s working hard at the ethnography – none are actually up yet but I think they are very much on the way. When yours is ready, just post a comment to the ‘building your ethnography’ page to say where it is, and tweet to #ededc too. We’ll collate links together in a single page to make things easier. The earlier in the week you get yours up, the more time there is for comments from the team!

Finally, there seems to be good support for the idea that in weeks 8 and 9 we stick with the blogs and peer commentary rather than take discussion into the discussion board, so let’s do that. We’ll also have ‘bring a friend to class’ over that period, so let us know if you’re introducing someone. If the friends are willing, we can also post up their names and a bit about them in a new page in the course site – so do give us that information if you can.

Best of luck with the ethnographising – as always, shout if you need help of any kind from the group, or from your tutors.