week 10

This week we will have a synchronous Skype tutorial about the week’s readings.

The tutorial will be held at :
Wednesday 25 November, 8pm (GMT)

(We had originally planned a second tutorial on Tuesday 24 November, 3pm, but have cancelled this one due to low numbers who could attend then.)

In this week you should also be finalising your essay topic in consultation with your tutor. Please use the ‘assignment discussion’ forum in the discussion board to share ideas too.

20 Responses to “week 10”

  1. [...] This is just to draw your attention to the Skype tutorial times for week 10 -  at http://digitalculture-ed.net/?page_id=262 [...]

  2. arthurh says:

    Sorry but as I said before Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my toughest days of the week and both those times are not possible for me.
    With deep regret

  3. Caroline Rushton says:

    I’m going to join the group on Wednesday 25 November, 8pm


  4. Andy Murray says:

    Wednesday 25th 8pm for me please

  5. silvanad says:

    Weds 25th 8 pm for me, Thanks.

  6. tracy says:

    Tuesday for me ^^

  7. alip says:

    I’m afraid I can’t do either of these

  8. billb says:

    Count me in for Tuesday. I’ll attend the Skype chat and then I’ll go to a Diamanda Galas recital!

  9. Mas says:

    Wednesday 8pm for me. Thanks.

    ps: Having to do this made me feel panic as I am still trying to read Ethnography…

  10. Henry says:

    Can only do Wed. evenings I’m afraid.

  11. Wednesday for me too please!

  12. Caroline Rushton says:

    Hi all, just to keep you updated, I mentioned above I will be attending the Wednesday night Skype session (meeting on the tuesday at 2pm) As I have just moved house we don not have computer etc set up yet, Im hoping we will have it sone by then so I can participate so will be keeping my fingers crossed!! Thanks, Caroline

  13. eneasm says:

    Wednesday please

  14. tracy says:

    I can set my alarm and join on weds too if that is easier. I don’t wanna have to talk to teachers on my own. :D

  15. Sibylle Ratz says:

    I can only do Wednesday as well. Just wondering whether we could discuss the readings from the previous weeks rather that the current one as last time I didn’t manage to read all the readings from the current week by Wednesday.
    I don’t know whether other people had the same problem!

  16. jen says:

    hi Sibylle – thanks for this suggestion. We’ve discussed it and would like to stay with discussing the week 10 readings, as they tie block 3 together with an e-learning theme. If possible, perhaps people could finish up their week 9 work in time to do the week 10 core readings over the weekend before (or something similar).

  17. Sarah Payne says:

    wednesday will be fine for me

  18. [...] the readings on cyborgism, posthumanism and related critical theories. These will lead into our skype chat next week on wednesday, when we’ll talk about applying some of these ideas to online [...]

  19. Hello,
    I can’t remember if I signed up for the Skype tonight or not – but I’d like to join in.
    Thank you,
    Sarah T