Week 2 begins

After a really interesting first week, we’re starting to discuss our second film cluster today, with the Twitter hashtag #mscworlds. This will run til Thursday, when we’ll move on to our final cluster, #mschuman. We’ll continue to explore these films in light of the weeks 1 and 2 readings.

There is now a link to the set of all our group blog posts in the sidebar under course environments. The “older entries” link seems not to be quite right, but you can use the tag cloud or the calendar to see older entries til we sort it out.

A reminder that as part of your assessed lifestream at the end of semester, you should be writing a brief post at the end of each week summarising your lifestream activity for the week. See the course guide for more about this.

Looking forward to another lively week!

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2 Responses to “Week 2 begins”

  1. sian says:

    Thanks Jen, and lol : )

    I agree with the comments people have made that over the last week it’s seemed disjointed, and almost impossible to construct clear argumentation or a coherent line of discussion in Twitter. But perhaps it’s a mistake to look to it to do these things – browsing the blog postings, it’s clear that clarity and the exposition of ideas is happening in a big way there. Twitter seems to me to be working pretty well as a way of firing ideas around, of constructing this ‘ambient’ sense of course activity and energy. I’m really enjoying it for that.

    Perhaps the #ededc hashtag is, in the longer term, going to prove to be the best way of using Twitter in this context – it’s looser, and perhaps there’s less expectation of a threaded style discussion and a conventional idea of coherence?

    It’s a good experiment, anyway, as several people have pointed out. And, on a pragmatic point, I think that the strategy of tweeting links to blog postings for more extended points is a good one. Onwards and upwards!

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