week 3 skype chats

Over this week we will have tutorial sessions in Skype to discuss the core readings. Please sign up to one of these by posting a comment to this page.

wednesday 7 october, 8pm
thursday 8 october, 10am

Tutorials will last one hour. Please make Jen and Sian both Skype contacts before the event – sianbayne1 and jross28.

22 Responses to “week 3 skype chats”

  1. billb says:

    This is Bill Babouris. Count me in for Thursday’s session.

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  3. Tony McNeill says:

    thursday 8 october is good for me.

    Can probably do the day before at 8pm but partner in Chicago and I expect my 18-month old son to be awake still

  4. Andy Murray says:

    Wednesday 7th for me. Look for – andy.11

  5. silvanad says:

    Wednesday 7th October for me. (the 8th is my birthday!): Skype name – sdgsilvanadigregorio

  6. eneasm says:

    wednesday 7 october, 8pm plz :)

  7. James McLuckie says:

    Wednesday 7th for me too. jamesmcluckie is Skype name.

  8. Henry says:

    Wed 7 will suit me best – see you there and then.

  9. Sarah Payne says:

    Thursday for me please

  10. John says:

    Thursday one for me

  11. Wednesday for me please ;)

  12. Sibylle Ratz says:

    Wednesday for me as well, please.
    Speak to you all then,

  13. lesley ferguson says:

    Wedensday for me also please
    speak soon

  14. Mas says:

    Wed 7 @ 8pm for me. Hope my 18 month old son let me – think I will occupy him with cbeebies using daddy’s laptop. skype id=masnizadzainudin

  15. Wednesday for me please.


  16. arthurh says:

    I’ll try to make Wednesday 7th at 8.00 if I can move a lesson.


  17. alip says:

    Wedneday at 8 for me – ali.press on Skype

  18. Costas says:

    Hope im not late. Wednesday at 8:00 please. Thursday is inmpossible for me due to vocational duties

  19. Sarah Payne says:

    I signed up for Thursday but forgot to give you my skype name which is sezpayne.

    Speak to you soon!

  20. billb says:

    My vote still goes to Thursday. Skype name: vbabouris

  21. caroliner says:

    Will try my very best for Thursday, working late tonight (7th) and have a class in on Wednesday morning but will try and rearrange.

  22. arthurh says:

    Couldn’t make it – late meeting at work.