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September 30, 2009

Lifestream summary

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To be perfectly honest I feel a bit of a fraud – my summary will be more about the fact that I have been trying to get to grips with the technology. ALso have this strange feeling of being a bit all over the place, floating in cyber universe

I’ve certainly not entirely got to grips with the RSS Feed thingy….but am much better than I was on day 1 – it seemed that I deleted lifestream code in my blog and was completly oblivious to it!

To alleviate my confusion I decided I had to draw myself a diagram charting each technology we were to use, what purpose it served and how they all fitted togeher – I kinda needed my own overview.

Keeping track of things is a big issue -discussions, tweets, blogs, OMG being live on the internet as oppose to a VLE was the least of my worries – I couldn’t care less who was viewing my tweets i just wanted to get them posted  in the right place.

Also, couldn’t quite get my head around what I was supposed to be saying. Was I trying to have a conversation, or just make a comment. If it was a comment then should I expect a reply  and what could you really say in 140 characters.  I posted replies to comments but didn’t know what the persons name was – it felt really strange.

You can’t really have a conversation – or can you or is it conversation that is wanted? it just didn’t feel right – certainly you could post a comment and even reply to someone but I think the nature of tweeting is such that responses and replies are not required – it just about making statements and perhaps posing quick questions.

Tweeting is the most basic form of cyberinteracting -  lets face it you are more likely to be talking to yourself  or be completely undiscoverable unless you are a famous person whom everyone wants to follow. Interactions and social realationships are not the key objective of twitter users. It’s just hugely voyeuristic  and a way of getting info about peoples lifes – probably sponsored by Google, oh I think google actually owns twitter now that I think about it – well enough said it’s a gathering information exercise in disguise.

All in all it has been, for me,  a very interesting and challenging first couple of weeks and I apologise for the summary being less about the film festival and the reading  than it should have been.

September 28, 2009

Week 2 Summary

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Consider the following quote, ” The web, in this framework is regarded as an increasingly important force for social inclusion and empowerment, interactive citizenship and participatory democracy…..(cf.dyson1998 et al..)my logo for msc_large

Got to thinking – Would I participate more in events or situations if  my physical presence was not required, I didn’t have to be appropriately attired, hair done, make up done but I would still be able to contribute ideas, opinions and interact with people in a virtual world? Yes

Do we all instantly become equal? Assuming we accept there is inequality in the world that is.

it seems that ” global mobility and marketization” are the evils of  the cyberworld because there has been a dis embedding of social relations  from their local cultural contexts”  Has the internet  achieved what Karl Marx could never ? OK, his communist philosophy was an idealistic  one but in terms of  how he saw this as an equalizing force has the internet replicated this equalizing force?

Why is this important? Or is it important?

It is important becuase the internet has allowed us  access to people, places and information that pre internet we could never have dreamed of acquiring or getting involved with. Take the example of e mail. being able to contact almost anyone in the world is extremely exciting.  This is inclusion at its very best.  Rich or poor short or tall it really doesn’t matter. HAs the internet created a culture of equality? well yes and no, one could argue that you need to be able to finance the internet and this is a reasonable argument.

from a psychological perspective  we must  move toward creating an “…..informed analysis of how social identity, social interaction, and relationship formation may be different on the Internet than in real life.” (Mckenna, KYA. Bargh, JA. 2000)

Mckenna and Bargh(2000)also talk about participation in the virtual world as allowing for “….greater control over the time and pace of interactions.”  I find this point of view interesting because since the start of this module I have felt there have been time constraints imposed about when and where and how often input is expected. Essentially appearing to be quite prescriptive and rigid and not flexible which is quite ironic as our idea of online lerning might be that it is flexible and studnet centred and one does need to be quite self directed.

In essence then my experience of this module is quite the opposite of what Mckenna and Bargh talk about above. I have to say this is my own interpretation and OIhave no evidence to support my thoughts. It was probably partly an aesthetic evaluation.

But also in reality I found I could not generate thoughts about topics I had been reading within allocated time frame.   So am not really sure whether this will be penalised as I have done lots of blog entries retrospectively. whilst we are investigating the benefits of e learning and uses of digital media can we not escape the idea that structure and prescriptive learning especially in a HE context is still vital to maintain standards and quality.

Film Festival

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I am not going to pretend I found this part of the course easy. I would even go as far as to say I nearly decided that oerhaps this module was not for me. I struggled to find anything remotely philosophical, deep and meaningful, or even interesting to say about most of them.

On reflection, I would most probably view them with different eyeseye2 my more enlightened and educated eye that is! I might even use my knowledge of visuality however this is with hindsight.

So, what can I say about the films, well to be absolutely honest, not very much. Can I recall my thoughts from way back to weeks 1 and 2, well no not really again but thanks goodness I took some notes!

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