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October 30, 2009

An Insurmountable Irony?

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Hine states, ethnographic enquiry  is a ” naturalisitc project of documenting a reality external to the researcher…..” but he goes on to say….”that this process ” has been brought into question.” because of a “pre existing cultural object” interfering ,I presume, with collection and interpretation of data. How can we eliminate this subjectivity?virtual data

Do we  need a cyber researcher to investigate a cyber world?? I wonder how we could create a cyber researcher??

Experienced Researcher Looking for Work

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Highly experienced researcher looking to undertake small ethnographic projects. Specialist skills include –  ability to be totally objective and  highly personable. Have included a photo for your convenience.


October 26, 2009

Objective analytical framework?

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Kress discusses an  issue I can’t quite get my head around.

He claims that representation is inextricably linked to social, ethical and cultural conventions and it seems to me that this should be of no surprise.  I find myself asking the question “why would he expect this not to be the case”.  Language and words are not merely a collection of letters. Does he think it is possible to create an objective analytical methodology or am I missing the point?

Such Creativity- week 4 summary

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I would like to say that I really enjoyed viewing all the visual artefacts and found that trying to work out the meaning of some of them was a real challenge but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.
What is it about images that make them so difficult to interpret?
For example, consider the words and image below

green apple

green apple

both show or describe a green apple. from which do we get the most information? IN this case I believe the image has the potential to give more information should we want it. Would you agree?

Even from this simple example it could be argued that there seems to be more “gain than loss when moving from representation primarily through writing to representation primarily through image”…(Kress )

Whether simplicity counts, I don’t know, but it certainly offers clarity and a good starting point……..

October 18, 2009

my visual artefact

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visual dystopia

October 13, 2009

Thank goodnes for Stearne

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Stearne argues that we must “…offer robust descriptions of digital media ….”(Stearne pge 17) reading this was a bit of a light bulb moment for me. Stearne talks about  the need to construct new  ”analytical categories”(Stearne pg 17)

There is no getting away from the fact that I did have so much difficulty with the  film festival. I just didn’t really get what was going on and what I was meant to find,discover realise. I watched the films with and saw only their aesthetic value. Moreover I think I made the problem worse because I was also trying to understand what their relevance  was. I got into a right pickle.  Stearnes work certainly helped me realise that having a useful and effective frame of reference was essential but it was a bilt late as I didn’t look at Stearne until some time after viewing the films.

I did consider revisiting the film festival but felt this might not really serve a purpose- not sure yet though.

October 12, 2009

Week 3 summary

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Our skype tutorial was the highlight of the week for me. I found it very fast paced and quite exciting. I couldn’t keep track of  or respond quickly enough to those that were posting but nevertheless it was good to chat in real time.

I think it also serves to illustrate that the video  ’ a social network for two’ was so true, you can only ever talk to one person at any one time, doesn’t matter if there are thousands of people online. It is possible to talk at several people simultaneously but can only interact with one person at a time.

The tutorial  also reassured me that my thinking had been on the right track. The reason I was worried in the first instance was because earlier in the week when I was watching the film festival videos I just wasn’t getting them. I wasn’t getting any thoughts about the underlying meaning only about the creative side such how quirky or visually appealing they were or how well they had been produced and edited – this kind of  analysis.

I watched them again and yes I did probably get more out of a second viewing but there was something missing and I’ve only realised now after reading Kress and Carpenter et al that I had been looking at the videos but not seeing what was going on. I didn’t have a frame of reference guiding my thoughts.

How do we generate these cultural conventions – what will they comprise? How can we learn to see and not merely look? Or should it be look but not jsut see?

October 4, 2009

I can see clearly now

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Having an online life would prove near impossible if your vision was impaired ….I’ve  just had eye surgery to remove cataract  and whilst my vision is 150% improved it got me thinking about how difficult it has been for me over the past few months to work on my computer and about the many people who have siginificant non repairable vision problems

 I was becoming excluded from having an  online life because I was not able to see clearly. Does this then imply that the evolution of a cyberculture (whatever this might be) cannot be truly inclusive and therefor representative of  the entire population? Or perhaps this is not important?

just a wee thought.

…… and looking for some sympathy lol

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