Daily Archives: October 11, 2009

Week 3 Digest is on it’s way…

So this is an interim little blog post as I’m not quite happy with where I’ve gotten to with my look back over week 3. For the first time I used the LifeStream feature that allows you to automatically create a weekly digest and looking back over a week of activity is, frankly, super intimidating. I’ve also been mulling the readings and what I want to say about them that wasn’t already said in this week’s Skype tutorial (which I really enjoyed – real time text chatting reminds me of my first happy internet adventures in AOL chat/IM spaces).

So unfortunately that means I won’t be posting my summary until tomorrow when I will have tweaked tonight’s draft blog post into some sort of order from it’s current state of mild chaos.

My visual artefact is, meanwhile, coming along OK I think… I think I’m going for a sort of infinity shaped navigation around a sort of dual-sided presentation on Prezi exploring the convergent nature of what constitutes the dystopic and the utopian visions of digital culture – I think both stem from many of the same feelings and expectations of technology and humanity so I’m trying to visually draw that out and explore it a bit. Expect at least one still from Fritz Lang’s 1926 film Metropolis.