Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

What kind of blogger am I?

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Today I’ve been reading Walker 2005 (Weblogs: Learning in Public) and, having gotten feedback on my blog and lifestream this week too, I was wondering what type of blogger I am. Walker’s comments about one student writing a FuryBlog with an “angry” writing style made me wonder how, as a reader, my own blog for this course was looking. And, because I tend to write 4000 word posts (a long standing blogging bad habit that predates this module if I’m honest) I think my verdict is that I’m a bit of an (inadvertantly) hostile blogger.

Unlike some of those Walker talks about teaching (and some of the bloggers her students reviewed) I am well aware that this blog is real, public and might be read by other people – indeed I hope it is read by others – but I am writing with my exploration of course themes, etc. in mind rather than seriously thinking through how enjoyable or useful the format is for others. It’s ironic because I argued strongly during our visual artifact experiences about the power of the visual but haven’t really been applying that to my  formatting the text posts on my own blog properly. I also recognize some of my conversational tactics in the long blog posts – I can be a bit of a steam-roller talker and miss things here and there that I should be listening to.

So my goal is to remain honest and open on this blog but add a new level of readability over the next few weeks. Wish me luck, I have a decade of weird web writing baggage to overcome!