Week 10 Lifestream summary

Well this is the final week of the course over now – we have worked our way through 3 blocks of some interesting (and some very challenging) reading. There is now only 2 weeks left before the lifestream needs to be completed, and I have been revisiting the early weeks to ensure that all is in place. Going back over earlier readings has been an interesting experience in itself and I have been taking the opportunity to re-read them before starting the assignment. Another interesting task has been the process of deciding what elements to keep in my lifestream. Many of my earlier tweets were lamenting my technology traumas and I am still unsure whether I will leave them in.

This week I have continued to use Tumblr to store (possibly) useful quotes that I might wish to use in my essay, and I have been commenting on the Bayne reading by way of a couple of blog posts, and commenting on other learner’s blog posts. This particular piece has really resonated with me this week, and I am mulling it over in the tired old brain for a possible final assessment piece. More to come on that at a later date.

I have continued to Twitter this week, especially now that I have managed to configure my Blackberry to send and receive tweets. However I appear to have been hacked over the past few days and seem to have sent messages to many of those in my friends list. I have reset the password now and hope this doesn’t happen again, so if you got some odd messages from me I do apologise. That is always the problem with technology – the more we use it the more others will misuse it!

Just a fun aside – I have generated a Twitter cloud to analyse the most common words that I have used in my tweets over the last three months:

My tweetcloud

The top three are Getting, Kress and found – which do not seem very telling! Perhaps if I try this again at the end of the course I may get more interesting results.

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