Do you mind if I quote you on that..?

I am still working through the possibilities for my assignment, and they are still very much in a state of flux. However I think that I will probably be drawing on some comments made by other course members and therefore I think it is only polite (and probably ethical) to ask if anyone minds being quoted in my assessment?

Which quotes I intend to use has not been decided yet, but it could include blog and twitter comments so if anyone minds me using their words, please let me know.

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4 Responses to “Do you mind if I quote you on that..?”

  1. jen says:

    Sarah, maybe you should tweet this post – in case not everyone has seen it. Assuming no one objects to being included, in general I’d suggest (as with the ethnographies) that you can use material that’s in the public domain (blogs, tweets), but would need explicit permission to quote from anything said where there was an expectation of privacy (the discussion boards and skype chats, or personal email). It looks like that’s what you were thinking anyway.

  2. Sarah Payne says:

    Hi Jen

    Good idea – thanks. Will give it a try. I only plan to use quotes that we have posted in the public domain.



  3. silvanad says:


    I’ve already replied to your tweet that it is OK.

    I intend to look at informal virtual learning environments and would like to maybe use some examples from your quilting community ethnography and maybe look at the community itself. I am not sure exactly what I’ll be doing but I will give full reference to your work if I do. Is this OK?

  4. Sarah Payne says:

    Hi Silvana
    Thanks for responding – I would be delighted to help out with you assignment so feel free to take what you need. The group were incredibly helpful and I am sure they would offer you any further information you require.

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