Another assignment proposal

As we appear to be sharing our assignment ideas – here is mine (though still at an early stage as I am still working on my lifestream)

I have been really inspired by this last block (now that we have moved away from Haraway!!!) and I have been able to see the thinking  behind the innovative structure of this course (which I have to say I have found immensely challenging, interesting and rewarding).

So this is an outline of my thoughts so far (including some ideas on delivery).

Topic: The theory of uncanny pedagogies and how one online course is attempting to use technology to promote discomforted learning.

Rough outline
1 What is uncanny learning and where does the theory come from. Drawing on work by Bayne, Usher and McWilliam. Also relate to early reading (Gains and losses: New forms of texts, knowledge, and learning – Gunther Kress) about the reflective power of images over words and imagery in Norman?s ?Machines that make us smart?.
2 Why is discomfort learning a good thing drawing on the above and the theories of reflective learning in Socrates?

Main sections:
1 Outline of the course inc technologies used.
2 How each can be said to take learners out of their comfort zone.
3 Additional methods that could be engaged.
4 How far is ‘too far’ – when does discomfort lead to an inability to learn?

1 Is uncanny learning a valid theory relating to my experience and empirical evidence? Has the course succeed in generating this type of education. Is there any way it can be taken forward? Possibly include a quick twitter poll of other learners about how they feel it has worked for them? Will need to confirm feasibility of this idea!

Method of delivery.
Use multiple technologies grouped together in a single place i.e. Wallwisher or a web page so that it can be navigated in different orders. Use tumblr, vlog, prezi, PDF with hyperlinks etc. Try to make it as structure free as possible; however there probably does need to be an intro at the beginning and a conclusion at the end otherwise it may be too disjointed to work coherently. I would like it to reflect the strange nature of our learning experience.

Additional Marking criteria:

Does the work truly represent the uncanny nature of the subject, or is it too disjointed to adequately function as an academic piece of work?

Jen’s response

“I love the idea of focusing your final assignment on the structure and pedagogies of the EDC course itself. Your suggested format sounds like it would fit perfectly with the themes that you want to explore. The main thing that would concern me is that you may find it difficult to be critical in the context of a course that you’re in the middle of and an assignment that the course creators will be marking! However, I see that you are explicitly building in places to talk about the implications and possible problems with uncanny pedagogical approaches, so if you can hang on to that aspect, then I think it should work well.”


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