Week 11 Summary

Well we are into the final week of the lifestream so I imagine that this will be my last summary before the ‘final’ entry next weekend, and I  have to say that I will be rather sad to see this end.

At first I did not respond well to the lifestream. I found it fiddly to set up (whilst also suffering from a bout of the flu) and I thought it was a bit ‘gimmicky’ for my liking; simply an example of introducing the ‘latest thing’ to show how terribly modern this course is. (no offence intended to Jen & Sian!)

However as I have moved on through the course I can see how incredibly useful it is as a learning tool. This course has been designed (we have discovered over the last week or two) to unnerve we poor learners, and take us out of the warm, comforting embrace of the VLE, and set us free (or simply unleashed) in the uncanny, haunted realm of cyberspace. And all to see if we sink or swim! ( my apologies for mixing a few metaphors there).

I have spent some time going through the early entries on my lifestream to prepare or the close next weekend and it has reminded me of some of the great content we have discovered, as well as recording the path of my own learning. Often links are added because they are simply in the news that week, but often they reflect the topic of discourse for that week.

So the content in my lifestream this week has mainly been in preparation for my assignment. Again I have been making extensive use of Tumblr to collect together quotes applicable to my assignment as I re-read some of the earlier papers for this module. It is strange how only a difference of a few weeks can put a completely different slant on some things that I thought I understood earlier in the course. Looking back at them through the lens of additional reading gives some of it a whole new meaning!

I have been reading up on our uncanny digital pedagogies, as well as collecting tutorial and tips for possible media I may be using in my assessment. I have also published details of my assignment- though I was initially unsure of the appropriateness of this early on, but as others seem to be happy to do it I felt it would be rude not to join in! It looks like there are going to be some interesting work done across the course and I hope we will get to see some of it at a later date. I have also posted a blog on whether my delivery method would be considered academic enough. I had initial thought about producing a hypertext essay, but I wanted to push the boundaries a little more on this uncanny course. This may of course turn around and bite me!

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