Nodes on my nexus

As I have been re-reading my lifestream I have really begun to realise how many different forms of communication I employ to reach out to those around. this may be a ‘new’ technological form of communication, like Twitter or Facebook, or a more physical method like face to face or by telephone. Also, when I began playing playing with Prezi in order to use it for my final assessment, I hit on the idea of creating a virtual form of my nexus. A nexus is a series of connected forms – of which I am the centre (as it is my nexus!). The people I know are nodes on that nexus. Then I thought about the common methods that I use to communicate with my nodes… and it simply grew from there. I have stopped at a relatively early stage because I can see that I could continue adding nodes indefinitely, but it was interesting to see in a graphical form.

This is my very own little community and I live right in the middle!

Some of you will see yourselves on it, but not everyone would fit so please do not be offended if you are not there. I really should be getting on with my assignment instead!

You can view my nexus here

There is no pathway – just feel free to wander!

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