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I’m sticking by the idea that Prezi is basically visual in the way it makes you think ab0ut presentations, and offering one I finished today as my artefact. It’s for an ESRC seminar on ‘Literacies in the digital university’ we’re hosting on friday, though I’m a little worried a double-use is cheating. Anyway, I really like the way Prezi lets you chuck stuff down on a massive canvas – even though there’s a lot of text, it seems to me it makes you think about text with an image-logic. Here it is:

Uncanny digital literacies

btw I am referencing this course a *lot* in this talk – I hope no-one minds! Feedback particularly welcome if it comes before friday…

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10 Responses to “my visual artefact”

  1. Sarah Payne says:

    I really liked this – I thought the disjointed nature of Prezi which shoots you all over the screen and smacks you down onto the page at odd angles mirrored the message of discomfirture and disorientation in the digital experience that many of the quotes referred to. Therefore Prezi has the ‘aptness of mode’ described by Kress.

  2. Eneas says:

    Striking!-It fascinated me that there was choice to either choose your own access point into the artifact or use the navigation tab which chose your pathway.

  3. andym says:

    My thoughts are similar to Sarah’s. I’m thinking of Kress’s comments on digital content being at loggerhead with the neat linear form of text. Although much of your Prezi presentation consists of actual text, it is purposefully chaotic and erratic. I felt challenged to consider some of the messages as they threw themselves at me.

  4. sian says:

    Thanks Sarah – someone else said Prezi made them feel seasick, but I prefer the line that the disorientation is something apt!

  5. Henry says:

    In my experience Prezi has something uncanny of its own.

    You can scroll out of it, move the canvass and zoom into another aspect of the presentation – no feel for linearaity of process.
    It sometimes feels like an explorational journey in SL with the user in control, not the creator.

  6. sibyller says:

    Another totally new tool for me. Very different! I can see the attraction of this for presentations. I like the idea of getting away from linear representation. Thanks for this.

  7. billb says:

    I first read about Prezi a while ago in George Siemens’ newsletter (which I recommend). It’s an impressive tool and it fits your subject, Sian. It challenges traditional notions of medium linearity and entry points, and hints at the order that might lie hidden in one’s perception of chaos. Great artefact, with the emphasis on “art”!

    Did you use the “try out” option that gives you 3 free presentations or did you buy a license, Sian?

  8. I really liked the presentation Sian, particularly the idea of tying that strange floating distant/absent notion to the culture of spiritualism and automatic writing.

    Like Andy I found the quotes great in terms of ideas but I did think it was text-heavy which was an interesting challenge to my idea of visuality.

  9. That’s it. I have to start using Prezi. It’s beautiful.

  10. sian says:

    Thanks for the comments! I agree there’s a lot of text Nicola, but for me Prezi makes you work with text as though it *is* image, if that makes sense, because it thinks about the notion of presentation as an act of navigation around a big canvas. It feels surprisingly liberating to build a presentation in this way, after the constraints of powerpoint. Bill – I did buy a license, mainly so as not to get the logo all over my presentation!