This is a virtual micro ethnography of the YouTube phenomenon – Davidsfarm.  With only a week to explore Davidsfarm and write this ethnography it is a ‘first pass’ look at what constitutes a virtual community.  This is a very tentative exploration – hence, the use of the term ethnographic sketchbook.  It aims to give a ‘big picture’ of Davidsfarm. I have designed it to give the reader the choice and flexibility to explore this virtual presentation.  You are free to explore as selectively, as deeply or superficially as you wish.

There is a chronology in how the options are displayed below so you can follow a linear account if that is your preference.  However, I realised while I was exploring Davidsfarm that users found it through a variety of entry points.  They might have been searching for ‘how to buy a good used car’ and found one of Davidsfarm ‘How to’ videos.  Or one of the car stunt videos could have been a featured video on YouTube.  So I want you the reader to have the same kind of choice as to where to dip in.  This account is also meant to be interactive as this ethnography is at a very early stage.  Feel free to add your own interpretations in the comments.

 My methods My methods  how car carburetors work How to instructional videos
 Background info Background information  My addication (hoarding) Dave’s personal reflections
 Evidence Evidence of a virtual community  Jen drives the huge doser Women on the farm
 Summer at Dave's farm Life on the farm  Dark side The Dark Side
 extreme jeep jump Crazy car stunts  Imagining Constructing a self – Imagining a community