July 2014
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Week 12: lifestream summary

I began my lifestream with a sense that I would be saving ephemera.  In my early blog posts I played with the ‘why?’ of the activity.  Was I creating commonplace book, a scrapbook of nostalgia, the virtual clippings and travel stubs to remind me of my journey? Or a bower bird, attracting a mate?  If [...]

Lifestream week 11

While my activity during this week focused on familiar media and themes, I found myself wondering “Where is it all going?”

Web 3.0 (or the Semantic Web) is almost here, HTML 5.0 and CSS3 are just around the corner and promise to change the way we see the Web and conduct our business online, VLEs are [...]

Week 10 Lifestream summary

Well this is the final week of the course over now – we have worked our way through 3 blocks of some interesting (and some very challenging) reading. There is now only 2 weeks left before the lifestream needs to be completed, and I have been revisiting the early weeks to ensure that all is [...]

Tweet cloud

J’aime les nuages … les nuages qui passent … là-bas … là-bas … les merveilleux nuages!
C. Baudelaire: L’étranger

Bill posted about a cool site that creates a word cloud (’word clouds’ and ‘tag clouds’ are different beasts) for your tweets.

I have no idea what to make of mine, based on 100 tweets over three months:

I think [...]

Lifestream week 9

Lots of activity this week, in a number of directions, a fact that’s indicative of how stimulating this course has been for me so far. I watched a lot of videos by M. Wesch, Haraday and Baudrillard, started looking at some other of N.K. Hayles’ books, used Twitter mainly for relaying links for interesting papers, [...]

Thinking about the assessment

Given this course’s boundary-busting characteristics, I’m going to carry on in a similar mode and discuss my assessment 2 ideas in public. Sian – hope that’s ok?

I think I’m only really going to finish the course if I produce something that connected to my current professional practice. For IDEL a couple of years back I [...]

Reverse engineering

Inner workings

The readings by Usher and Bayne on uncanny, dislocated pedagogies triggered a reverse engineering process in my mind and allowed me to lift the lid and examine the inner workings of our course. Among the cogs and wheels I can now see:

In our use of WordPress, Twitter, Skype, WallWisher, the phpBB forum, Flickr, [...]

Week 9 Summary – Feverish and Underproductive

This week was mostly a matter of being ill at home with fluey symptoms.

Having run a fever all weekend with coughs and sniffles I was off work for the whole week and on Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th I was too busy being tucked up in bed sleeping off symptoms, taking [...]

Lifestream Week 7

I didn’t notice how this week flew by. I spent a lot of hours working on my ethnographic report (and judging by what I’ve seen so far, so did everybody else on theirs). At the same time I started warming up to Twitter again, as it seems to be a great source of links and [...]


Now I was not the greatest fan of twitter before beginning this course, because I listened to the hype and decided that it was definitely not for me. I love Stephen Fry – but I am not really interested in what he had for breakfast or that it is raining in LA. So trying to [...]