July 2014
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Evaluation of Ethnography

Looking back at this mini ethnography and Bankeyfields in general I had one aim in mind, to find evidence that this virtual comminity actually acted together as a community. I was slightly biased as this is a physical community I already knew so I was aware of the prominent physical community already in place. Looking [...]

Are the users supportive of one another?

Bankeyfields users are very much a supportive group. Support for one another is essentail as it builds upon the feeling of belonging to a community. The users support for one another is apparent in the way that there is a shared concern for each other and the communities well being. Not only does Bankeyfields raise [...]

How do the participants construct a sense of community?

Participants in this particular forum have constructed a sense of community in their online environmnet. It may be said that this was in fact inevitable as they are already an established community. BUT, the postings to this forum simply strengthen their sense of community, physical and virtual.

Bell (2001) talks about the emergance of social codes [...]

Does the Bankeyfields forum show evidence of there being a virtual community?

“When people carry on public discussions long enough, with sufficient human feeling to form webs of personal feeling” (Rheingold, 1993)

First of all, looking at the Bankeyfields site overall it markets itself as “Tunstalls community website”. It has the aim of inviting local people to discuss neighbourhood issues, blog, post or read [...]

What is a Virtual Community?

“Words on a screen are quite capable of…creating a community from a collection of strangers”
(Rheingold, 1993)

Millions of people now engage in the computer medited social groups know as virtual communities. Many of these virtual groups give constant snap shots of peoples everyday lives in the form of things like tweets, status [...]

Ethnography project- Arrival Story.

How did I get here?

What online community did I choose and why.

What di I intend to find out?

What questions am I going to ask?

A Ethnographic approach involves providing a description (a beginning), an analysis (a middle) and an interpretation of the culture sharing group (an end). Esentially the ethnographer is required to take on the [...]