July 2014
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Lifestream Summary

The lifestream is intended to:

Map (and demonstrate) the path of learning.
Collate the ‘chaos’ of the course.

1) was stated in the course outline.

2) became obvious only once we began the week 10 reading. The design of the course structure was to disorientate us to facilitate a deeper engagement with our own learning. However balance must be [...]

Lifestream Summary

I was attracted to the idea of a lifestream as an adaptation of the 17th century practice of ‘commonplacing’ but I had no idea how a digital version of this would work in practice. Before I started the MSc, my digital presence was very limited. Since starting [...]

My lifestream summary

I have chosen these web applications to demonstrate my digital activities throughout the course as part of my learning process:

My Blog

Although I have setup 6 applications but my digital activities through out the course are mainly using Facebook as shown in my lifestream feeds. There are 226 entries on Facebook compared to 3 on Flickr.

I [...]

The end is approaching…

Well, it’s coming to the end of my journey on digital culture.  Before I submit my final summary of my lifestream, I would like to just have another blog to express my journey through the course.

I have enjoyed the course but I must admit it was not an easy journey for me.  I found it difficult to [...]

Lifestream summary and critical evaluation

You have reached the end of the internet. Please turn off the lights before you leave.

OK, perhaps things are not so dramatic but you have definitely reached the end of my lifestream. As a chronological collection of my digital activities and interests, my lifestream hopefully conveys a sense of my many disembodied online presences. [...]


Reviewing the this lifestream has made me realise how multivocal it is. As Bakhtin, quoted in this link, says multivocality enables a whole to be formed from not one all-encompassing voice, but from many voices. This is apparent in the lifestream via the links to a variety of texts and media.

Week 11 Lifestream summary

Well, this is my last weekly update before I focus upon writing the evaluation of my lifestream and really start on my essay (eekk). If I reflect upon how I have engaged with my lifestream at first I was totally unnerved by it. I had never done anything like this before or even heard about [...]

welcome to our final week of semester

Well, this is it – our final week. It’s been a wonderful, colourful journey for Siân and for me, and we hope it’s been rewarding and interesting for you as well.

A few reminders and some information in relation to your lifestream submission and final assignment.

The lifestream is due on Sunday 13 December, and the submission [...]

Week 11 Lifestream Summary

This week I have been thinking about my assignment topic. I had a Skype Chat on Monday with Sian which was helpful in clarifying my ideas about a topic area. (see blog)

I have been using my lifestream to collect information, links etc which I may use in my assignment. Tumblr has been useful as a [...]

Week 11 Summary

Well we are into the final week of the lifestream so I imagine that this will be my last summary before the ‘final’ entry next weekend, and I  have to say that I will be rather sad to see this end.

At first I did not respond well to the lifestream. I found it fiddly to [...]