July 2014
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Week 6 Summary

Again, my apologies for the late posting of this.

Week 6 has seen me ploughing into my chosen subject matter for a virtual ethnography – the 9/11 conspiracy theories. As previously stated, my objective here is not to determine whether the 9/11 conspiracy theories are ‘true’ or not, but rather to determine how members of that [...]

Week 6 Lifestream Summary

My lifestream this week reflects my work on the ethnographic project.  As a sociologist and research methodologist I spent time earlier this week reflecting on how I would approach this project after having finally decided to look at YouTube’s Davidsfarm.  I posted on Tuesday my research design  for the project following my own research design [...]

End of week 6

This week the lifestream is mainly showing up the different applications and tools that I have been looking at in connection with the virtual ethnography. I have been thinking about this project a lot as well as trying to find ways of presenting it. The danger is to focus on the technology rather than on [...]

Another example of ‘what is ethnography’

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Class Ethnography

Study of how different students use campus computers. Getting an understanding of some of the different approaches I think..

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Ethnographic Research

Fast forward video of data collection and research. Can’t seem to embed my ‘likes’ form Vimeo so have to manually do it

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