July 2014
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Week 12: lifestream summary

I began my lifestream with a sense that I would be saving ephemera.  In my early blog posts I played with the ‘why?’ of the activity.  Was I creating commonplace book, a scrapbook of nostalgia, the virtual clippings and travel stubs to remind me of my journey? Or a bower bird, attracting a mate?  If [...]

Lifestream week 10

This week’s great readings prompted a couple of blog posts on cyborg pedagogies, digital technologies as cybernetic prostheses, materiality and what the physical absence of the teacher means for distance education. All fascinating ideas that made me attempt to reverse-engineer our course and reveal Sian and Jen’s master design. At the same time, I noted [...]

Week 10 Lifestream summary

I spent most of the week reading the core texts – Usher and Bayne – as well as some of the secondary readings. This is reflected in my Tumblr listings in the lifestream. I also spent more time this week reading and sometimes commenting on fellow students’ blogs. I have found this process [...]

Coming of Age in Second Life


I just found this interview with Tom Boellstorff, the author of ‘Coming of Age in Second Life’. One part of the interview stood out to me as I am struggling to come to terms with the virtual ethnography project. I am finding the ethnography a very partial piece of research as I am not including any of the participants’ [...]