July 2014
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Some thoughts for #mscworlds that I couldn’t fit in a tweet!

Virtual worlds

Is there a danger in the VR becoming so real we lose our identities within it? The Matrix clip suggests that this is possible, with Neo having to make a determined choice (taking the red pill) to see the world a it really is (dark and [...]

Contribution to Film Festival

Reading through Hand and then watching some of the film clips about dystopia, I recalled Norman’s line in Things that Make Us Smart where he highlights that just because humans have taught machines how to play games, understand basic texts and prove theorems, that doesn’t mean that they are ready to replicate human thought. But [...]

In at the deep end

This is the end of week 1 summary:
And in all honesty this has been a rather busy week.
Dabbling ainto nd acclimatizing oneself to WordPress, setting up the Livestream and Twittering, all this was very new to me and certainly not recommended for the uninitiated.
In all honesty I was missing at times the ease, cosyness and [...]

Film Festival – Part 1

What a good idea to start the first two weeks with some light ‘online entertainment’ fittingly within the constraints of the module learning outcomes.
The week one set consisted of four rather different mvies from some creative artists work (one of which a movie excerpt).
These male up a lively mixture consisting of a thought-provoking cartoon (based [...]

Film Festivals

I have mixed feelings about the four videos as they convey quite different genres. Personally I liked the light-hearted ironic approach of ‘The Internet is for Porn’ with its rudiculous political incorrectness.
The Bendito machine provides a reflective insight into huan affnity for mindless workship and leadership, including technology.
The ‘Stop Dave’ movie is too dystopian [...]