July 2014
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Week 12: Reflections, Refinements and Reality Checks

Throughout this course I have tried to get a sense of exactly what “Digital Cultures” might mean – the very slipperiness of the term indicates the currency and breadth of possibilities encompassed. Whilst it may refer to a notion such as “digitally mediated cultures and communities”, what is included in such groupings [...]

Week 11 – Lights down, Chest out, Jazz Hands!

This week I’ve been working on preparing my assignment but, by weird and slightly unfortunate coincidence, I’ve also had a series of presentations to give this week so I have been collating those as well. In fact I’ll start there.

Having shared some very vague ideas in last week’s [...]

Week 10 – Back in the loop

This week I concentrated on the course readings in preparation for the tutorial on Skype on the Wednesday of the week. Interestingly there is no way to properly represent the Skype tutorial – which was really useful for talking through some of the post human, critical and uncanny views – in my lifestream so this [...]

Week 8 – Rewind…

Has a sore sore sore throat. Meh. Not feeling even slightly like I’ve gotten any productive homework done/possible… [suchprettyeyes] 11:07pm via Twitter

The first thing to say is that this is, of course, a belated lifestream summary so a little on why that is. During week 8 I was [...]

Where’s Week 8?!

Although I will be massaging the order of my posts just a little bit in the next few days this is a short flag up of the fact that my lifestream summaries are written at the weekend – it’s when I have time and fits the timings well – which meant that Week 8, a [...]

Week 9 Summary – Feverish and Underproductive

This week was mostly a matter of being ill at home with fluey symptoms.

Having run a fever all weekend with coughs and sniffles I was off work for the whole week and on Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th I was too busy being tucked up in bed sleeping off symptoms, taking [...]

Week 7 Summary – Lost in #Torchwood

This will be a super brief summary of the week as I have spent the week quite massively absorbed in my mini ethnography. However I have also been looking at a few different things that are of interest:

Video Search – I’ve been looking at different video search engines for work but something I find really [...]

Week 6 Summary – Brevity is the Soul of Wit

As I have been concentrating on untangling my thoughts on ethnography and how I will turn a list of tweets and twitterers, and various observations of their interactions into an ethnography my lifestreaming has been more random and peripheral this week so I shall keep this summary brief.

A fair amount of my lifestream this week [...]

Week 5 Summary – Mobile, Distracted, Down with the Meme

One of the weird interesting things about reviewing your online activity every week is that you really start to see what you do all day, all evening, through the week. You think you know and then you look back and find new things out. This week I see that I have been really quite distracted [...]

Week 4 Summary – Super Visual!

I think Lifestream wise there are a few things I want to talk about this week: Podcasts; Twitter; and the perils of automation.

Super Visuals!

First of all though I wanted to talk about the Visual Objects. Although it took me hours and hours and hours to get mind more or less how I wanted it I [...]