July 2014
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Assignment ponderings…

So, I am begining to panic a little about the assignment. The topic I man ow fairly sure of, its the issue of how I am going to present it which I’m having some difficulty with. Is it a total cop out to do a hypertext essay? I love the look and idea of usinf [...]

Week 10 Lifestream summary

This week, like last week I have been mainly considering my final assignment and getting my Lifestream into some kind of order ready for submission. I was unable to participate in this weeks skype session as we STILL have no internet connection at home (something about the house being very old, blah, blah!). My Lifestream [...]

Week 3 Lifestream summary

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of any postings for week 2. I was away for a wedding and my dads 60th and had no access to the internet.

I have found week 3 really interesting. I found the topics visuality and literacies covered in our core readings very thought provoking. Focusing on the [...]

Week 3 & 4 summary

I have found the readings for this week really interesting, Kress I found  a little hardwork, but non the less thought provoking. One of the main themes that emerged for me this week  and caught my interest the most was that of Transliteracy and lifeworlds in Sue Thomas et al “Transliteracy: Crossing divides”. It was [...]

Week Three Roundup

Lifestream postings for week three comprised links posted to twitter (on cyberspace users and other news articles) and blogs postings on punk teachers (edupunk), comments on other people’s blog postings and a link to Niall Sclaters blog posting on allowing students more control over what they can do in the OU VLE.

More musings:

This is a [...]

Transliteracy Video Playlist

Transliteracy PART group, as mentioned in Thomas et al. Watch the full playlist here.

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