July 2014
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my visual artefact

Kress-fallen or too soon to inter textuality

Sian’s comments on one of my visual artefacts has got me thinking about the arguments of Gunther Kress. In this post I want to summarise a couple of the key points Kress has been making for the last few years and in greatest detail in Literacy in the New Media Age.

But first, here’s what Sian [...]

More on the cabinet of curiosities

I’ve been having an interesting exchange with Jen about the cabinet of curiosities recently.

Although it comes carrying some big, heavy ideological baggage, the concept seems attractive still to a lot of visual ‘creatives’ drawn to the idea of a space in which to display in close physical proximity a range of artefacts.

Here’s a cabinet of [...]

Visual Artefact: The Map Is Not The Territory

My ‘visual atrtefact’, ‘The Map is not the territory’ can’t be embedded here (for reasons I can’t figure out) so I’ve posted this on my own blog which you can get to here.

I suggest that you take the ‘View Larger Map’ option so that you have space to explore all the embedded content.

Worrying about the cabinet of curiosities

Really loved Jen’s visual artefact but I felt that there was something not quite right about the ‘cabinet of curiosities’ metaphor.

Cabinets of curiosities or Wunderkammern are collections of ’strange’ and ‘primitive’ artefacts – some natural, some hand-made -  acquired and displayed by mainly wealthy collectors. They belong to a culture of aristocrats, gentlemen or aspiring [...]

The digital revolution will not be televised

I couldn’t embed my Flash animation into a blog posted so exported as an avi and uploaded to YouTube.

I tend to revolt when I hear talk of a digital revolution.

So here’s my sarcastic take a – 4-second Flash movie called Gutenberg.

I prefer the metaphor of a ‘digital turn’. Similar metaphor to ‘revolution’ I guess although [...]

Jen’s visual artefact

here’s a screenshot – but clicking through to the link below makes it (a bit) interactive.

My favourite YouTube video

Andy has been posting some funny YouTube videos. Given this week’s stress on visuality, I thought you might enjoy this:

Fred & Sharon: Who needs a movie?

I’m 99.9% sure it’s a spoof but there’s a faint, nagging doubt that it’s for real. Anyway, I think there’s a lot to learn about video production in [...]

Yet another attempt at a visual artefact


My most recent attempt to create a visual artefact uses Flickr and is called Attachments. I’m happier with it than I have been with the videos or the PDF in spite of my reservations about its personal content.

I’m trying to explore some of the characteristics of digital texts that Merchant identifies.