July 2014
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Some random and rambling thoughts as I re-read my lifestream posts

I commented in Week 1 about trying to get the different technologies to work ‘for’ me, meaning that some of the proposed type of feeds I wasn’t familiar with, so would try to use them more. Looking back now at the end of week 12, I haven’t really gotten into the habit of using any [...]

Week 9 Summary

During Week 9 my lifestream consisted of some blog posts relating to the weeks readings on Cyborgs, the post/ trans-human, and some catchup summaries of previous weeks.

Thinking about the essay

I’m reading back over my blog posts from the start of this unit, and taking a fresh look at some of the things covered. Hopefully I’ll get some inspiration for an essay topic as well as reviewing the range of themes that we looked at in detail.

In my first post in week 1, we were [...]

Week 10 ‘Lost & Found’- Usher, Edwards

This core paper from week 10 discusses some ideas that we’ve come across already – the impact that technology will have on the ‘transmission’ model of teaching (for teacher, learner and institution) and what cyberspace means for learning.

Some of the implications that technology and cyberspace have for education -more individualised learning (by making it more [...]

Summary of Week 8

Most of Week 8 was spend drowning in the feminist cyborg world of Haraway! I was none the wiser after two readings. I did pick a lot up from links other people tweeted though. Luckily the Hayles’ reading wasn’t as dense. I need to add some more thoughts to these ideas behind cyborgs and posthumanism. [...]

Summary of Week 7

Week 7 was mostly spend researching and compiling my ethnography on Irish music. I had wanted to use Prezi for it, but ended up spending most of my time reading posts from the site and going off in various tangents around the web. So when the time came the easiest thing to do was blog [...]

US Military CYBORG BEETLES – Part Bug, Part Robot

Just a couple of weeks old..

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Kevin Warwick talking about his work

An interesting video of Kevin Warwick talking about his work.

A little bit graphic, he talks about the implants he has had done and what they have enabled him to do. Both himself and his wife were connected for a while via their nervous systems. He talks about future developments (it is from 1998 I think)- [...]

Another example of ‘what is ethnography’

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Class Ethnography

Study of how different students use campus computers. Getting an understanding of some of the different approaches I think..

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