July 2014
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Week 7 Summary – Lost in #Torchwood

This will be a super brief summary of the week as I have spent the week quite massively absorbed in my mini ethnography. However I have also been looking at a few different things that are of interest:

Video Search – I’ve been looking at different video search engines for work but something I find really [...]

Bell & Communities (or how I stopped worrying and pretty much worked out what a community might be…)

What is a Community?

Bell talks about the issues surrounding the intersections of “real-life” (RL) and online life, and the problem of defining a community in the broader context. Bell also refers to Tönnies’  notion of “Gemeinschaft” (Tönnies 1955 in (2)) – a definition of community which seems, to me, to be out of date even [...]

Twitter Lists: Categorize your friends and contacts in public…!

When I logged into Twitter today to follow up on a bit of monitoring of mentions on the projects and services I work on I spotted something new and exciting:

Behold! I had finally been allowed access to the much discussed* Twitter Lists. I won’t lie, I felt a bit insulted not be included in the [...]

Lost in the Twitterverse…

Just a quick update to say I’ve been exploring my chosen area of Torchwood on Twitter over the last few days (since my last post) and am finding it interesting/tricky to work out the best way to conceptually map the conversations/locations etc. of the people Tweeting. I’m thinking I might take a snapshot day or [...]

Week 5 Summary – Mobile, Distracted, Down with the Meme

One of the weird interesting things about reviewing your online activity every week is that you really start to see what you do all day, all evening, through the week. You think you know and then you look back and find new things out. This week I see that I have been really quite distracted [...]