July 2014
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End of Lifestream Summary


I decided not to go back over my summaries but to attempt a search for the deep structure behind them. In that endeavour I came up with six questions which require answers for me to be satisfied with what these weeks brought me; a kind of personal accounting procedure.

End of [...]

My lifestream summary

I have chosen these web applications to demonstrate my digital activities throughout the course as part of my learning process:

My Blog

Although I have setup 6 applications but my digital activities through out the course are mainly using Facebook as shown in my lifestream feeds. There are 226 entries on Facebook compared to 3 on Flickr.

I [...]

The end is approaching…

Well, it’s coming to the end of my journey on digital culture.  Before I submit my final summary of my lifestream, I would like to just have another blog to express my journey through the course.

I have enjoyed the course but I must admit it was not an easy journey for me.  I found it difficult to [...]

Mulling over assignment topic

I had a chat session with Sian on Monday on my assignment topic  – my ideas were fuzzy at the beginning of the chat but started to take shape during our chat.

One thing I was clear about. I want to take a non-linear (non-assembly line) approach to how I would present my essay [...]

Early thoughts on Bayne

I am currently working my way through S Bayne Academetron, automaton, phantom: uncanny digital pedagogies, and I am enjoying it so far. I am still bringing these ideas together into a coherent space, but for now I want to talk about some of the quotes that have jumped out at me so far and that [...]

Week 2 – The end of film festival

Watching the clips to end the film festival week in Digital Culture was really upsetting.  Can it really happen – where human and machine live in the same world?  Do we have to add more/amend policies to include/accommodate machines in our world and become politically correct – Diversity, Equal Opportunity to name a few?

I was really [...]