July 2014
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Week 11 summary: Authority

After speaking with Jen I decided to do my final assessment on authority, in particular how we sometimes feel that authority is compromised in digital spaces and what if anything we (should?) do to assert our authority.  I first noticed this theme in Hine’s account of digital ethnography:

Along with travel comes the notion of translation [...]

home straits: week 9

The ethnographies are all up now, and the work that’s gone into these, and into the constructive and supportive commentary, has been genuinely impressive. The studies have opened up and dusted down corners of the web which I had no idea existed, and have engaged critically and reflexively with essential questions like ‘what constitutes community?’, [...]

Week 7 Summary – Lost in #Torchwood

This will be a super brief summary of the week as I have spent the week quite massively absorbed in my mini ethnography. However I have also been looking at a few different things that are of interest:

Video Search – I’ve been looking at different video search engines for work but something I find really [...]

week 7 – lifestream commentary

The lifestream this week has been almost entirely made up of comments and readings for my ethnography and those  of my colleagues.

The ethnographies were all fabulous and led me to really think about communities in a new way. They were necessarily short because of the time constraints but this was not too restirctive because as [...]

Week 7 Lifestream summary

This week has been mainly about my micro ethnography. I finally received a confirmation email from the Bankeyfields community to allow me to study their forum posts. A lot of my lifestream postings this week have been blog items relationg to my ethnography.

I have enjoyed this blocks core and secondary readings and have found them [...]

Week Seven Summary (2): Community and our Ethnographies

I want to focus on the types of virtual association I have observed with 10 of the 12 mini-ethnographies read by me so far. For me the breakdown appears broadly like this:
Caroline’s Bankeyfields is an online community grafted on to a real community and concerns itself with real life issues therefore exhibits online essentially all [...]

Week 7 Lifestream summary

This week was spent mainly analyzing and constructing my micro virtual  ethnography on YouTube’s Davidsfarm.  On Monday I flew from London to the States where I am working over the next two weeks.  While on the plane I didn’t have access to the internet (someday it will be possible), I spent most of the time [...]

Week Seven Summary (1)

In that strange way a bad week is followed by a good one, I managed to work steadily and evenly on my project through the week. I decided on power-point (which became Slideshare due to the size to which it grew) because I was not happy with my last voice-over attempt and because this time [...]

Week Six Summary

This was a tumultuous week. It was decided that my wife needed an operation and that the best place was 200 kilometres away. We were both very nervous and she really needed it earlier than it came so the pressure was increased and life was anything but normal for a while.

On the ethnography front there [...]

Week Five Summary

During this week I reflected on two topics: assessment and ethnology.

On assessment I quote here from my own blog because I had to summarize anyway to get to the heart of the matter.

‘From any assessment procedure at postgraduate level I expect the following:

Positive: What did you like about my contribution and why?
Negative: What did you [...]