July 2014
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Summary of Week 7

Week 7 was mostly spend researching and compiling my ethnography on Irish music. I had wanted to use Prezi for it, but ended up spending most of my time reading posts from the site and going off in various tangents around the web. So when the time came the easiest thing to do was blog [...]

Three metaphors and a community

It’s been a real pain getting this presentation – my micro-ethnography of a virtual community – published. I’ve had problems with BT Broadband, my new Mac, YouTube and Vimeo (and, just in case you wondering, no, no it’s not user error;-)!).

I am currently hating technology with a vengeance and wondering where I can get an [...]

A soundproofed room of one’s own

I’ve was up at 6am today (Saturday!) recording the audio for the virtual community presentation. The family sleeps and the house enjoys a rare moment of quiet.

However, it made me think how much easier it is to create a textual artefact. The noise of kids, TVs and radios, Xbox 360s etc, can be sort of [...]

It’s tweetin’ ethnographic ‘onest!

Fab video of an animated ‘good morning’ as it is tweeted around the world. I love it, not sure why. Must be that global community thing I belong to. And how I would still like to teach the world to sing (ask Clara, she’ll explain).

Anyway, here is an explanation of how it [...]

Another example of ‘what is ethnography’

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Class Ethnography

Study of how different students use campus computers. Getting an understanding of some of the different approaches I think..

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Nick Griffin, the BNP and remix culture

I’m quite drawn to Cassetteboy’s YouTube remix of Nick Griffin. Both Nick Griffin and Cassetteboy were ‘trending topics’ today (23nd October 2009).

I like the speed of production – caught from television, remixed and uploaded to YouTube within hours, entering the twittersphere and going viral, becoming part of watercooler discussions – physical and virtual – all [...]

Shirky on audiences -v- communities

This week, I have mainly been reading and thinking about virtual ethnographic field sites and communities. It’s got me trying to define ‘community’.

At the end of this post is an extract from a book by Clay Shirky. I like his robust defence of bloggers against thoseĀ  who denigrate them (yes, I’m talking ’bout you Brabazon!). [...]

‘Participatory visual ethnography’

some good ideas (and maybe inspiration!) for an investigation here..

Another Mike Wesch one…

This deals with a ‘vision of students today’

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